All-American Muslim's TWEET A CELEBRITY

Help us spread the word about "All-American Muslim," the landmark television series on TLC. Let's tell these folks who have supported American Muslims in the past, some of which are American Muslims themselves, to tweet their huge following about the show. Just click under one or all of the celebrities below to tweet them. If they retweet the message, the website will be updated where you can see their tweet.

Can you guess who is Muslim or who is not? Doesn't matter because everyone has love for all Americans, period. This is just the first set of celebs, as there are many more. Every day the show airs, we'll present you with new faces that you can tweet to and let you know who has already tweeted about the show.

And don't forget, let's thank TLC for being brave to air All-American Muslim when you get to the end of the list.


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Thanks TLC for #AllAmericanMuslim